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We are committed to providing the highest quality professional services and survey documents to meet all our clients needs at a competitive fee. 

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Land Surveys

 As Land Surveyors we have helped many folks to a successful closing and have guided many others to a successful project completion.  A Land Survey will help you to be a good neighbor.   Remember, that by doing a land survey, it will help you to stay within your boundaries and your neighbors to stay within theirs.  The old adage of “Good fences make good neighbors” is correct, provided that everyone has put the fence in the right place. Nobody can afford to make a mistake.

 When an outdoor project is ready to get started, the last thing you need is a setback.  If you’re buying a new home, have your lot marked out before you move in.  If you are going to put on an addition, build a new pool to cool off in, put up a new fence or make some yard improvements, doing it in the wrong place, could be doubly costly. To quote Ben Franklin, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Know where you are going, so you don’t wind up someplace else.

Underground Utility Location

Please don’t forget, that digging up an underground utility could prove deadly or very costly.  We offer underground utility location for both residential, commercial and institutional properties. Call before you dig! 

Flood Insurance

FEMA has updated some of the Flood Insurance Rate Maps and is in the process of revising the maps for Rensselaer County. If you live near any streams, river, or lake, and were not in a Flood Zone, with the revisions to the mapping you may or may not end up in a Flood Zone. If you have any questions about these changes give a call and we will help you out.

Elevation Certificates are being required by the legislation to make a determination as to the amount of the risk and ultimately the cost of your insurance policy.

Elevation Certificates are to be performed by surveyors and that’s where RDM Surveying enters the picture.  RDM has performed many of these certificates and the good news is that we have found that some folks aren’t in the Flood Zone at all!  Please remember that this applies to both residential and commercial properties alike. 

Once the determination has been made by the elevations that you are not in the flood zone, we then can prepare a LOMA application (Letter of Map Amendment), on your behalf.  The LOMA has certain requirements that must be performed by the surveyor and then it is electronically filed with FEMA for review and ultimate removal from the Flood Zone.

The process can appear a little daunting at first glance. Our years of experience in working with FEMA will make this an easy, straightforward process. We do it all.  Once we have official confirmation from FEMA that the structure been removed from the flood zone, we forward the official paperwork to you.  The best part is when you take the paperwork to your insurance carrier and present it for a one-year rebate.  



It means proven expertise, accuracy, cutting edge equipment, and a pro active approach.

Since 1977 RDM Surveying Consultants has been committed to providing the highest quality professional services and survey documents to meet all our clients’ needs at a competitive fee.  To us quality isn’t just a word… it’s the way we do business.

RDM Surveying Consultants is a local company that serves the greater Capital District.  As licensed land surveyors in New York and Massachusetts we perform a variety of services.  The majority of our work is done in the seven counties in the capital district and Berkshire County in Massachusetts.

RDM Surveying Consultants was started in 1977 by Rodney D. Michael.  Rodney started with a staff of one in a small office space in Troy, NY.  Throughout the years, he added more employees, office space and equipment to service the growing list of clients. The firm moved to its current location in 1989. Over the years we have purchased the surveying records of the following surveyors; Albert F. King, C.P. Momrow and G.R. Shaw which date back to the 1920’s.

RDM Surveying Consultants has years of experience in providing cost-effective solutions to all surveying problems and is committed to remaining on the cutting edge of technology.  We are fully equipped with the latest technology for the 21st century.

RDM Surveying Consultants

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